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Bon Jovi looks sexy as usual at his recent performance but we can’t help but drool over his sleek style. His fans may be singing along to “It’s My Life” but we are certainly lusting his keen sense of style. *Hint to our boyfriend*

Anyway, we decided to put the pieces together and here is our fashion inspiration from one of our favorite singers, Bon Jovi!

Projek Raw Jacket in Black

We love our Project Raw is perfect for those cool spring/summer and fall evenings when you don’t want a heavy coat and still want to look rockin’ stylish.

Check  out here for more rockin’ styles!

Hudson Jeans Fletcher Flap Relax Boot Cut Jean in Edmund

Following suit with Bon Jovi’s dark washed jeans, this straight leg fit is for those men who enjoy the classic style but with a Bon Jovi’s twist. (Obviously)


Everyone loves designer jeans. From Joe’s Jeans to Hudson Jeans, one could say that the best clothing investment is certainly a good pair of jeans. Designed by the Swedish, Nudie Jeans originated from Gothenburg and was founded in 1999 by Maria Erixsson and we can’t say enough how infatuated we are with the quality of Nudie Jeans. The raw and pre-washed Nudie jeans are definitely Hollywood celebrities favorite because guess who was caught wearing them? Zac Efron!

Alright Zac Efron, you sold us when you wore Nudie Jeans. We are going to buy one for our boyfriend now. 

When it comes to investing the ultimate piece of outfit, the general consensus would agree that a great pair of jeans is vital. After saving up for months to buy that perfect jeans,the next question is – how do you care for it? Caring for denim does not take meticulous strategy but taking these simple steps should prolong the life of your jeans. After all, the longer you wear, the more comfortable it gets. So here are our guidelines to care for your denim.

Tip #1: Selecting the right size.
Remember that denim are made from wax/resin which makes it very stiff. When a pair of raw jeans are wet initially, the jeans will constrict and shrink. Depending on the fabric, different jeans will shrink differently. Therefore, always ask your retailer how much the jeans will shrink because some brands pre-treat their fabrics to reduce the amount of shrinkage (this process is known as sanforization).

Tip #2: Fading the color your jeans
Generally, the color of your jeans becomes darker due to the fabric reducing stiffness. It is recommended to wear your jeans a lot and wash them sporadically. By doing so, this will increase abrasion areas hence fading the color of your jeans.

Tip #3: Washing your denim
Do not wash your new jeans for the first six months to maintain its material. However, It is highly recommended to use vegetable soap when washing your denim since most commercial soaps contain brightening chemicals. Always wash them inside out to preserve thread and quality. If possible, avoid the dryer (spin dry if you have to) and wear them slightly wave. By doing so, your jeans will conform to the contours of your body.

Denim materials are indeed very unique. It is more than just a fabric – more like a second skin that requires tender loving care. The classic, timeless piece of jeans are perfect for everyday wear, special events and of course, it is the ultimate symbol of freedom.

Vintage Menswear of course!

There’s no doubt that the vintage trend will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Whether it is that piece of headband you found at your local vintage store or a full-blown outfit, there’s a certain charm that “vintage” resonates. Perhaps, we believe we are living vicariously through the glamorous days of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. We, girls have ton of leeway with fashion but when it comes to vintage fashion for men…that gets a little tricky.

But fear not! Sole and Blues is here to help you find that perfect vintage menswear without having your boyfriend cringe at the thought of “vintage menswear”. Doll, I’m not wearing a pinstripe suit and a walking stick, right? Right.

Here are several vintage t-shirts that your man might adore! Each shirt to fit his personality!

The Old School Video Gamer

Did you say Atari? Pong? Those are music to your video-gamer guy’s ear. Boost his ego with this T-shirt “I Got Skills”. He is going to flip out when he sees this shirt.

The Karaoke Legend

 He certainly knows how to belt out his favorite rock song. Let him know that he sure knows how to rock his microphone with this t-shirt.

The Trophy Boyfriend

Since you are his trophy girlfriend, he must be your trophy boyfriend. Need we say more?

The Showbiz Boyfriend

We say, the first step to showbiz success. Get them to call his agent.

The Cardinal Fan

And finally, the ultimate Cardinal fan. He believes it is a cardinal sin for not being a cardinal fan. If your boy is a major Cardinal fanatic, jazz up his daily Cardinal outfit with this vintage t-shirt for an unusual flair!

What do you think of the t-shirts? Do you think your man will like it?

Get his t-shirt here today!

The countdown is on!  Father’s Day is this Sunday (gulp).  If you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, don’t do anything you’ll regret like going out for a plaid tie or something equally heinous.  Just stop by Sole & Blues or click over to  We can help you out so that no one will have to do the Father’s-Day-gift-walk-of-shame.

Is your dad a music aficionado? He’ll appreciate the walk down memory lane (or the retro coolness) that Friend or Foe brings with their jazz, blues, and soul-themed t-shirts like these:

Muddy Water's Paris 72 Album Cover Art

Lou Donaldson's Midnight Creeper Album Cover Art

If your dad is more the laid-back-surfer-guy type, you know you’ll thrill him with a pair of Rainbow flip flops or Division E Cargo shorts.

Rainbow Thong Sandals

Division E Cargo Shorts--Brand New!

Is dad a sports fan? He can go head to head on the court or just play armchair quarterback in a pair of these cool kicks:

K Swiss Vintage Cali Low Top

Gola Keeper

And that’s just a sampling of what’s in the shop on on the site! So, let’s re-cap. If you want to look like the outstanding kid that you are, stop by or browse our site and choose from our huge selection of cool gifts for men.

I know I have said this before, but I feel like guys get the short end of the stick sometimes when it comes to fashion. It’s not that the fashion industry doesn’t cater to them, but there are just so few venues for them to talk about it. And maybe most of them don’t really care, but I do, which is why I’d like to devote a whole post today to guys. Tammy, our fearless leader at Sole, Blues and G’Sell, has quite a knack at seeking out cool men’s clothing lines when she heads to New York and L.A. So we’re all really excited to introduce you to Projek Raw, Commonwealth Utilities and 7 Diamonds.

Don’t Be Jealous…Get Your Own Projek Raw
Projek Raw is an in-your-face kind of men’s clothing brand. It’s masculine while keeping a body-conscious shape. It’s totally modern while still incorporating classic design features. And it is going to get you noticed. Check out the nylon jacket. It has that cool baseball jacket look that is a little retro but totally in style. If you aren’t feeling the chill (and who is?), you can choose a casual shirt like the one you see below.

Drop a name…like Commonwealth
Trust us, these are pretty special. We aren’t going to get into the name-dropping game here but we’ll just say that Commonwealth is a brand so cool, so elite, that only top boutiques and luxury department stores are allowed to carry the line. Who else could make jeans look this good?

Classics with a major twist…7 Diamonds
When you have an eye for detail, you have an eye for 7 Diamonds. Their entire line features classic cuts and fabrications. But when you look closely, you really get the appeal. From epaulets to embroidery to velvet-lined collars, the designers at 7 Diamonds know what’s going to escalate a look from cool to out of this world. Take these for example: