We believe we killed it during Alive Magazine Glow Spring Fashion Show. There’s nothing sexier than to kick in Spring with a fashion show. Thank you everyone for making it a success!


Sometimes, it is rather challenging to pair our outfits with the right color combination. There are times when we believe we ought to pair one color with another to only find it looking weird, or just off. You may begin to wonder, so how do we know which color would be right for each other? You don’t have to go to design school to learn the dichotomy of the color palette. Here is our guide:

1. Use colors directly next to each other – To create a one tone hue, use colors next to each other such as Violet, Violet-Blue, etc

2. Use colors directly across from each other –  To make your outfit pop, accentuate one piece of outfit using colors that are direct opposites such as violet and yellow.

3. Use colors that form 90 degree angles with each other –  If you want your outfit to match the same undertones, pair yellow and red-orange for a warm ensemble.

4. Use colors that form an X – You don’t have to stick to one or two colors in an outfit. If colorful is your middle name, follow this direction to avoid looking like a skittle. For example, the color blue, orange, violet-red and yellow go well together.

5. Use colors that form a T – Following the same suit with the colors that form an X, it is all about using the same undertones but one opposite color to make it pop. For example, orange and violet-red (same undertones) and blue.

After selecting the color pattern you desire, you may pair them with a neutral color such as beige, cream, gray – just to name a few. Another tip, to make sure the color suits your skin color, determine your skin undertones. Warm undertones individuals would want to wear warmer colors as opposed to cool undertones individuals.

We hope this will help you pick your next outfit or your next shopping trip!


So Mother’s Day is tomorrow and you are still scratching your head about what to get for here. Chocolates? She might not eat it. Flowers? She will just put it away. My drawings just like when I was a kid? Hmm…well, I am not six anyway. But fear not my friends, here is our short guide Mother’s Day gift guide.

1) HOBO International
Get the ultimate classic gift for mom – the HOBO International Handbag. Choose a variety of handbag with quality and style in mind.
2) Uno De 50
This unique jewelry hail all the way from Spain. Bring the inner youth in mom with this fun, fantastic and fabulous jewelry from Spain!
3) Hudson Jeans
Who said moms do not have curves? Let mom accentuate her curves with Hudson Jeans. When mom feels good, you feel good. The whole family feels good!
4) TOMS Shoes
Let mom feel comfortable and be fashionable at the same time. The comfort of TOMS Shoes will keep mommy’s back posture in line and the best part yet, for every pair you purchase TOMS Shoe will donate one pair to a child in Argentina.
5) Gift Card
Or simply yet, just buy mom the perfect gift card and let shop till she drops.
We hope you like our ideas! As always, visit us at www.soleandblues.com  or come in to our store and let us personally help you!
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

When it comes to investing the ultimate piece of outfit, the general consensus would agree that a great pair of jeans is vital. After saving up for months to buy that perfect jeans,the next question is – how do you care for it? Caring for denim does not take meticulous strategy but taking these simple steps should prolong the life of your jeans. After all, the longer you wear, the more comfortable it gets. So here are our guidelines to care for your denim.

Tip #1: Selecting the right size.
Remember that denim are made from wax/resin which makes it very stiff. When a pair of raw jeans are wet initially, the jeans will constrict and shrink. Depending on the fabric, different jeans will shrink differently. Therefore, always ask your retailer how much the jeans will shrink because some brands pre-treat their fabrics to reduce the amount of shrinkage (this process is known as sanforization).

Tip #2: Fading the color your jeans
Generally, the color of your jeans becomes darker due to the fabric reducing stiffness. It is recommended to wear your jeans a lot and wash them sporadically. By doing so, this will increase abrasion areas hence fading the color of your jeans.

Tip #3: Washing your denim
Do not wash your new jeans for the first six months to maintain its material. However, It is highly recommended to use vegetable soap when washing your denim since most commercial soaps contain brightening chemicals. Always wash them inside out to preserve thread and quality. If possible, avoid the dryer (spin dry if you have to) and wear them slightly wave. By doing so, your jeans will conform to the contours of your body.

Denim materials are indeed very unique. It is more than just a fabric – more like a second skin that requires tender loving care. The classic, timeless piece of jeans are perfect for everyday wear, special events and of course, it is the ultimate symbol of freedom.

Floral Me


For our second lookbook installment, we couldn’t take our eyes away from Melie Bianco Daisy Flower Print Sequins Hobo in Orange. Here’s our inspiration for this season and of course, from the lovely bag.

Floral Me

Daisy, she’s a girl of adventure and femininity. Do not be fooled by her romantic charm, delicate voice and witty humor for her subtle seduction will leave you perplexed in the realm of complex romance. 

When Hudson Jeans made its debutante in 2002, everyone including celebrities started raving about the jeans’ perfect fit, comfort, and most importantly – quality. Amongst celebrities that are caught wearing them constantly are Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Sandra Bullock, just to name a few.

And what makes Hudson Jeans so popular besides the great fit? The premium denim material comes from the best mills in Europe and Japan. The jeans are then made by hand in Los Angeles, under the supervision of creative director and head designer Benjamin Taverniti. It feels as if slipping into an old-pair of well-worn pair of jeans, so they say.

When you hold a pair of Hudson Jeans, you’ll notice the perfect soft denim and meticulous construction which yields high quality jeans and you’ll say in no time, this pair of jeans is the best investment. Ever.

And that’s one classic piece you’ll want to invest. Check out here to buy!

photo credit: http://www.designerstudiostore.com