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Everyone loves designer jeans. From Joe’s Jeans to Hudson Jeans, one could say that the best clothing investment is certainly a good pair of jeans. Designed by the Swedish, Nudie Jeans originated from Gothenburg and was founded in 1999 by Maria Erixsson and we can’t say enough how infatuated we are with the quality of Nudie Jeans. The raw and pre-washed Nudie jeans are definitely Hollywood celebrities favorite because guess who was caught wearing them? Zac Efron!

Alright Zac Efron, you sold us when you wore Nudie Jeans. We are going to buy one for our boyfriend now. 


When Hudson Jeans made its debutante in 2002, everyone including celebrities started raving about the jeans’ perfect fit, comfort, and most importantly – quality. Amongst celebrities that are caught wearing them constantly are Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Sandra Bullock, just to name a few.

And what makes Hudson Jeans so popular besides the great fit? The premium denim material comes from the best mills in Europe and Japan. The jeans are then made by hand in Los Angeles, under the supervision of creative director and head designer Benjamin Taverniti. It feels as if slipping into an old-pair of well-worn pair of jeans, so they say.

When you hold a pair of Hudson Jeans, you’ll notice the perfect soft denim and meticulous construction which yields high quality jeans and you’ll say in no time, this pair of jeans is the best investment. Ever.

And that’s one classic piece you’ll want to invest. Check out here to buy!

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