Whilst most would think to dump their scarf after arduous winter months, we say keep the scarf trend! Instead of thick wool scarves, opt for cotton scarves that will keep you cool during the humid days. Scarves are the perfect and simple accessories to jazz up a simple outfit. There are multitudes of ways to wear scarves but here are several ways you can try this summer!

1) The Turban

The turban is a lovely way to keep your hair fashionably up this summer. Obviously inspired by the 1950s, domestic cleaning aside, we love how the 50s is coming back. Give your hair some flair by folding your scarf diagonally until it is becomes a long band. Wrap it from the bottom of your hair and fasten it upfront with a simple knot and ta-dah! Don’t forget your red lipstick!

2) The Boy Scout

This rendition, inspired by the Boy Scouts is a great way to jazz up your outfit without being over the top. Simply fold two opposite ends of the scarf and then wrap it around your neck, making sure one of the pointed end is facing down. Tuck the other end into the scarf and there you go, a boy scout scarf!

3) The Knot

The Knot is by far the simplest way to tie a scarf. Take one your cotton scarf and tie it around your neck twice (make sure there’s ample of space around your neck) and tie a knot at the end. Perfect for a nice cool summer evening walks around the park or beach.


So there you go, how to wear scarf during the summer. Do you like to wear scarves during the summer? If so, how do you wear it? Tell us!